TOEFL Classroom Coaching

Practice is a proven strategy for success in TOEFL. At BetterThink a well planned schedule makes
sure to provide a wide range of independent as well as guided practice along with
a detailed discussion by experts.

Courses TOEFL Comprehensive TOEFL Turbo TOEFL Target-Evaluator
Course Duration
  • 60 days
  • 30 days
  • 15 days
  • (Strategy class + Online Tests) + 32 Sectional Tests with Discussion + 8 Mock Tests
  • (Strategy class + Online Tests) + 16 Sectional Tests with Discussion + 4 Mock Tests
  • (Strategy class + Online Tests) + 8 Sectional Tests with Discussion + 2 Mock Tests
Books & Material
  • "TOEFL Rule Book" + Headset
  • "TOEFL Rule Book" + Headset
  • "TOEFL Rule Book" + Headset

The above courses don't meet your requirements?

Contact Us now, to customize your own program and combo packages

Every TOEFL aspirant has different requirements

English Language skills and aptitude of students vary. So, our programs are designed to help every student achieve his desired result. An in-house developed comprehensive content along with a well-structured class delivered by experts makes sure that nothing less than the best is achieved.

A unique individualised Classroom Program

An in-depth, concise and ample practice of all the sections, followed by rigorous and continuous testing with detailed discussion, makes sure every student achieves the expected level of International Language.

How do we achieve this?

We achieve this through our unique Teaching Methodology

Why Lectures & Practice Tests?

As practice alone without discussion and plenary does not ensure language development.

So, BetterThink makes sure that an extensive discussion follows every test in order to correct each and every mistake and reinforce Language skills.