Achieving the Desired Score Through Your Words

Achieving the Desired Score Through Your Words

By Admin / Feb 25, 2019


Your words act as a mirror for your thoughts. They are the essential weapon you need to do well in an IELTS test. But why? A good IELTS score demands an explicit expression of your ideas, which in turn need good words. Be it the reading, writing, speaking or listening test, vocabulary plays an important role. You must have good hold of a wide range of words to understand the concepts being conveyed during a reading or listening test. Also, you need command over a variety of words to express yourself effortlessly in a writing or speaking test. All in all your IELTS score significantly depends on the words you are able to understand and use during the test.

Learning new words can be puzzling, but it is a sine qua non for a good score. So, there are two ways to do this. Either go for the word hunt over the internet on your own or just search for the best IELTS institute in your city, just like, ‘Best IELTS Institute in Punjab’ and they would help you with the essentials.

There are millions and billions of words, and not all of those can be learnt. But here is a list of words which are a must in your word bank.

  1. Adjacent: Next to or adjoining something else

  2. Assume: Suppose to be the case, without proof

  3. Bothered: Concerned about something

  4. Cater to: Provide with what is needed

  5. Congested: So crowded with traffic or people

  6. Converse: Engage in conversation

  7. Discretion: The freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation

  8. Drastically: extremely; very

  9. Extensive: Large in amount or scale

  10. Hazard: A danger or risk

  11. Hustle Bustle: Energetic activity; jostling

  12. Impart: Make (information) known

  13. Gestures: Movement of the body to express emotions

  14. Nuisance: Person, thing or circumstance causing annoyance

  15. Obsessed: Preoccupied greatly

  16. Pertain: Be appropriate, related, or applicable to

  17. Prefer: Like (one thing or person) better than another or others

  18. Pursue: Follow on or continue with

  19. Sue: Institute legal proceedings against (a person or institution)

  20. Sneak: Move or go in a furtive or stealthy way

  21. Stress-buster: Something designed to alleviate stress

  22. Thrifty: Using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully

  23. Vicinity: The area near or surrounding a particular place

  24. Witnessed: Saw something happened

  25. Wrath: Divine punishment

The list consists only of 25 words. These are obviously not enough, but not bad for a beginning. To learn new words a strategy is required and that strategy must involve learning something new everyday along with revising the previous ones. A rather easy way is to keep a record of the words you come across everyday. But remember to keep the record at one single place so that you can refer to it any time in the future. A number of IELTS coaching institutes, be it in Ludhiana or any other city help students come out with a strategic layout for an amazing better score. So, find the best one and start preparing.

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