The Core of BetterThink Learning Experience: Our Teachers

The Core of BetterThink Learning Experience: Our Teachers

By Admin / Mar 10, 2021

Great teachers change thousands of lives. 

Teachers at BetterThink are the powerhouse that drives its unique Methodology. They play a crucial role in helping students realize their big dreams, no matter what their current level of English is. For them to bring the best student results, they are assisted by technology tools and thoroughly researched courseware.


The rigorous Selection and Induction process at BetterThink is both challenging and fun. 


1. English Language Mastery: All four language skills-speaking, writing, listening, and reading along with vocabulary and grammar are thoroughly evaluated through a comprehensive selection test. Our teachers are simply the best.

2. General Intelligence: Only the most intelligent and creative teachers are selected as faculty. Because it is critical for a teacher to intelligently and creatively use the courseware to personalize learning for every student even in a large classroom.

3. Experience: BetterThink values their experience because great teachers not only bring results but leave lasting life lessons in their students. BetterThink has some of the most experienced faculty in the industry. They work in sync with the Research & Development Department and have taken up mentoring roles within the company.


What happens after the evaluation and selection? 


Once the teacher joins BetterThink, they undergo a rigorous training process which culminates in the certification of Professional English Skills before entering a classroom. The training revolves around BetterThink Methodology; how they can use different technology tools to create magical learning experiences in the classroom. 


They are also trained on how Remedial Methodology can be put to use to make sure that every student gets personalized inputs and the teacher can keep track of the progress of every student in the class. Starting from the classroom lessons to smartbooks to lecture slides to Mobile App, all of these are integrated in such a way that students can learn from anywhere at any time. The teacher is never out of options to create a unique learning opportunity for their students.


These teachers are best equipped to help students achieve their best scores in their IELTS/PTE/TOEFL exams in the least amount of time. AI embedded tools save a teacher’s time and effort by automatically scoring, analysing knowledge gaps, and suggesting actions at student end as well as teacher end. This helps a teacher to focus on what they love most- teaching and leave everything else to AI.


Every teacher is backed by another huge support system at the back end. The Academic Research Team and Content Team give wings to these teachers teaching in the class. Both teams consist of veterans with decades of experience. While the content team focuses on quality and thoroughly updated content, the research team keeps them ahead of time. Wow! All this is purely centered towards student success!


So, if you are preparing for an English Exam, you should be at BetterThink and if you are a passionate English language teacher, you should be at BetterThink. 

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