How to Choose the Right IELTS/PTE Online Class

How to Choose the Right IELTS/PTE Online Class

By Admin / Apr 30, 2021

Ever since the pandemic hit, getting coaching online is the only way to go for most students irrespective of the exams they are preparing for. At the same time, for students who dream of going abroad, many new immigration opportunities have come up. IELTS or PTE being a mandatory exam for demonstrating the language skills, it becomes an important milestone for a student to clear it.  

Students, today, have lots of online coaching options for IELTS and PTE training, as the pandemic is forcing most of the face-to-face programs to deliver online now. The students who have joined online classes like BetterThink, feel that learning online has many unforeseen advantages as far as convenience, effectiveness and safety during pandemic period are concerned. 

 Unfortunately, all students studying online do not feel the same as there is a wide variety of courses available, and each with different standards of quality. It becomes highly difficult for a student to know which online course is the best fit for him. Here are a few questions that can be career saving:

 Is it a lecture-only program or is it a complete package?

Many programs are all about zoom sessions beamed to the students sitting at home. Any true online program should be supported by notes, assignments, reports; all delivered online along with the teaching inputs. BetterThink's Online Classes come with a companion app, integrated books, online assignments, assessments, learning tools and platform to connect with teachers, and a lot more.

 Does the institution have a rich online experience

Teaching in the classroom is very different from teaching online. Online teaching and learning have their challenges as well as advantages. It is important to select the Institute that is well versed in online teaching and the teachers are properly trained to deliver online lectures effectively. It completely depends upon how effectively the platform supports the students and how well the teachers can leverage the tools on the platform to deliver powerful learning experiences. BetterThink has Technology and Content R&D wings to support its online initiatives. It is the pioneers of this field in India.

 Is the teacher supported by Visual Media? 

The attention span of an online learner diminishes rapidly with time. Any learning delivered online has to have visual cues which not only enhance the attention span of the student but also contribute to easy understanding of the concepts. This is how classes happen at BetterThink, where teachers use lecture slides prepared by experts, and these slides, in turn, are integrated into the practice books to enable ‘in-class’ practice.

 Do the assignments/assessments also happen online?

Many institutes have started delivering classes online without having a technology infrastructure in place to provide online assessments and reports. This results in adopting less effective as well as cumbersome ways by the teacher to conduct tests & to deliver and check assignments. It is often seen that crude methods like sharing test sheets on WhatsApp etc are adopted to conduct tests. These practices end up creating hurdles for both the learner and the teacher leading to wastage of time.

 BetterThink and many similar Institutes are supported by the leader in online assessments in India. BetterThink online courses come with cutting edge assessment and learning tools which automatically help a student to focus on their weak areas and also keep them informed on two critical questions for every student every day :

-where do I stand

-what next should I do to succeed

 How do the students stay connected to the teacher and their learning?

When the learning is online, the user should expect the learning to be on the go and also conveniently accessed anywhere anytime. That is where a mobile app becomes important. BetterThink Mobile App keeps the learner connected to his or her learning by enabling QR codes embedded in books for accessing more learning inputs and reports, getting remedial practice delivered on the go, and much more .

 The next time you think of Joining an Online class, hope these questions will help you choose the right one that offers the right online learning experience. 


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