Useful Tips to Achieve a High Score in PTE Academic test

Useful Tips to Achieve a High Score in PTE Academic test

By Admin / Sep 26, 2019


PTE (Pearson Test of English) Academic, conducted by Pearson Education, is a computer-based test to assess your proficiency in English and helps you study, work or migrate overseas. Preparing for the test includes getting comfortable with the test format, assessing your English proficiency, planning about the test date, making a study plan to develop the required skills to score well in the exam, and implementing the study plan to absorb the strategies required for the test.

Achieving a perfect score in PTE is not an impossible job.  All it takes is practise of a correct set of strategies to make this possible. Abundance of resources is available online that focus on one or the other aspect of the test, but given below is a comprehensive list of a few best tips that would help you achieve an amazing score in PTE academic test. These tips will help you in preparing well for all the four sections.


Reading Section:

  1.  Try to figure out the purpose and key point(s) of the passage.
  2.  Look for the keywords that contain the essence of the question or passage.
  3.  To figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words, try to relate them with the context.
  4.  Stay aware of the number of items left unanswered. This is mentioned below the ‘time remaining’ section.

Writing Section:

  1.  Practise to increase your typing speed. Practise regularly in a word processor with autocorrect and spell-check turned off.
  2.  Use cut, copy and paste buttons freely.
  3.  Keep some spare time to revise and edit your writings, so that you may check for the typo errors or other silly mistakes.
  4.  Stay careful about punctuation.

Listening Section:

  1.  Go with the flow of the recording.
  2.  Keep in mind that the recording is played only once.
  3.  For each PTE question, you may adjust the volume using the control bar.
  4.  Keep yourself calm and focused during the entire duration of the listening test.

Speaking section:

  1.  Try to speak in a natural tone and at a moderate pace. Speak neither too fast, nor too slow.
  2.  Avoid pauses and unnecessary fillers.
  3.  Record your voice and listen to it to improve your fluency and clarity of speech.
  4.  Practise using different online tools to achieve your desired score in the Speaking Test.
  5.  Do not repeat your words or correct them during the actual test to avoid score deduction.
  6.  Try to speak in a natural flow and do not stop for more than three seconds as microphone will automatically get turned off.

Along with following all these tips, it is also very important that you practise all the sections enough and are mentally prepared for the noisy test rooms. Before taking the test, make sure that your microphones are working fine. It is highly recommended that you keep an eye on the clock to finish all the tasks well in time. Last but not the least, on the test day be sure of reaching the venue before time to avoid any hurry or rush.
Best of luck for your test! Just follow these tips and get your desired score.

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