When Passion Meets Preparation

When Passion Meets Preparation

By Admin / Mar 06, 2021


It takes courage and passion to be a pioneer but when Passion Meets Preparation-Magic Happens!

BetterThink story is similar. 

Late 1990s. Two founders. Place Ludhiana. Unwavering mission to open a world of opportunities to everyone in the region. Domestic or overseas opportunities; English language shouldn’t be a handicap. The genesis of this mission lied in their personal pains. Having studied in Hindi medium schools, they had an uphill long journey to create a level playing field for themselves.

Within five years, BetterThink was a force to reckon with. Students, housewives, working professionals- everyone just loved visiting the centre where the language learning and fun were coexisting & growing together peacefully. However, this is what anyone could see on the surface. Like the other projects of the TCY group, deep research was happening underneath. Yes, deep expertise in all four sections of the language. Real deep actually! By whom? By the top passionate handpicked experienced experts. The real heroes were behind the scenes.

IELTS entry! BetterThink was first to take the plunge simply because fortune favours the prepared mind. Within a couple of years by 2003, IELTS had already become mandatory for overseas students and immigration applicants in many countries. Demand was rising but the supply was short. Being the first choice, BetterThink started becoming a household name in the region as students would travel 100 km one way daily to attend BetterThink classes and many had started moving to hostels in Ludhiana. 

Demand to open more and more centres in the region was rising and the company was in a dilemma. It wanted a wider reach but not at the cost of quality. It started opening centres between the years 2005 & 2012 and was observing the quality gaps very closely. Great lessons for the future were coming out :

  1. Each learner is different. One size can’t fit all. 
  2. It’d make real big investments in its unique methodology rather than only on fancy buildings.
  3. It’d bet on great teachers as they are the central piece in the story.
  4. These teachers can give great results only if they are thoroughly trained on this unique methodology so that each student gets the best-customised inputs. 

Based on these lessons, it started its next phase riding mainly on its unique methodology. 

2015 or thereabouts, PTE started making inroads into India, parents and students again looked at BetterThink. BetterThink was already leading the English Language Training sector for years now. Over 55,000 students were taking training for different English Language courses every year. 

The Methodology is magical. The App, the QR code enabled books, the Remedial tests, smart lectures, the centre ERP: all resources interconnected and working 24x7 for the student. The books speak for the student. The teachers fully concentrate on core academics without wasting any time on low priority activities. 

A recent and ground-breaking innovation - AI-Rater for Scored Mock Tests’ Evaluation. The Mock Tests are always scored using the official Rubrics. It is the perfect amalgamation of technology and innovation that mimics a teacher evaluator to perfection. These AI Scored Mock Tests have set a gold standard not only in India but also in 15 other countries. 

Today, BetterThink boasts of a team of trained and certified teachers, imparting the best-in-class training to the students. A strong team of language experts, techies and researchers back them to bring the best to the students. 

Students lovingly say one line for BetterThink – The Real Joy of Learning English.

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