When it Comes to PTE, BetterThink is the Way to Go!

When it Comes to PTE, BetterThink is the Way to Go!

By Admin / Apr 03, 2021

When it comes to PTE, landing at the right coaching center is very critical to your success. Two things distinguish it; the test is online and the scoring is done by AI. So, the accurate simulation of the exam during your training becomes paramount to your success. Let us examine why BetterThink is the First Choice of any serious aspirant of PTE.

The pioneers of PTE in India

BetterThink's parent company and technology leader TCY has been a trailblazer in PTE. It was one of the first to offer a PTE online testing program in India and boasts of one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence-based PTE evaluations available today. The technology that powers BetterThink is now popular in over 15 countries. It is the same technology that fires BetterThink’s proven and comprehensive in-house content developed after years of research in the field. This content is exclusively reserved for BetterThink.

Offline Prep for an Online Test?

Since PTE is an online test, therefore any coaching that doesn't provide a near to actual exam experience will only make them ill-prepared to face the actual exam. The interface of this exam, each feature, the time constraints, the look and feel of the interface, all these minute nuances should be well-known to the student before the exam. A rare combination of Academic Reasearch team, Engineering team & Content Development team; all inhouse, makes sure that BetterThink mocks are identical to the Actual PTE. So every day the BetterThink student has an accurate idea of where they stand and what next to do; this is very critical to their success.



Real Difficulty Level - No False Confidence

BetterThink does not give its students a false sense of confidence by giving them easier tests. Easy tests may boost the confidence of the student for a little while, but when the actual results come out, it tells a different story. Ultimately, the students are disappointed. 

Here, at BetterThink, the tests given to the students are an exact match of the actual test. The question pattern, the difficulty, the time limit, everything is exactly like that of the real exam. That way it helps the students prepare the right way.


Reliable Score Leads to Informed Decisions

Another important aspect that must be considered while joining a PTE center is how the tests are scored. At BetterThink all scoring done is based on official parameters and the scoring rubrics in the official guide are strictly followed. This ensures that you get a reliable and valid test score for any exam that you take at BetterThink, be it a Mock test or a Module test. This is very important as BetterThink students continuously track where their scores are headed and book the test only when they are sure that they have crossed their score requirement thus saving time and money.

Your Answers Have to Convince the Algorithms

PTE is an AI-scored examination. AI scoring understands and analyses your answers in a very different way than a human rater. So the strategies that you use to score higher in a human-rated test may not yield results in AI evaluated test. So when you are preparing for an AI evaluated test, you should also practice on an AI evaluated test. This ensures that the strategies you learn and develop can be applied and seen how it is yielding benefits. Continuous iterations on an AI-evaluated system help you formulate the right strategies for the test. BetterThink ensures that you are practising on AI evaluated tests from day -1.



The world-famous BetterThink methodology ensures high scores quickly. Algorithms not only give you automated practice but also identify your weak areas & inform your teacher as to how to help you. 

All these factors impact how well a student can score in the PTE exam. Your turn Now. Do you have a reason why you shouldn't crack PTE in the first attempt with BetterThink?

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