What Makes BetterThink a Leader In IELTS & PTE Results?

What Makes BetterThink a Leader In IELTS & PTE Results?

What Makes BetterThink a Leader In IELTS & PTE Results?

By Admin / Apr 27, 2022

Success in any exam not only depends on a student's hard work but also on a scientific and systematic preparation technique; getting it right the first time is of utmost importance. BetterThink has more than proved itself over the last two decades as a result leader in IELTS and PTE preparation. It banks on a combination of well-researched courseware, trained and certified teachers, and a scientific way of training.

Certified Teachers

From day-1, students are taught by a certified teacher on a standardized lecture prepared by researchers with decades of experience in language learning. The teacher knows well in advance what students are expected to achieve in the post-lecture assessment tests. This helps them structure the class, and a well-defined objective means the teacher and the students know what they have to accomplish at the end of the class.

BetterThink Mobile App

Class schedules are notified through the BetterThink App, a student's constant companion throughout the preparation cycle. It generates daily practice exercises, and all the test reports are available easily on the go for the students. It extends the learning beyond the confines of the four walls of the classroom, and students practice whenever they can find any pocket of spare time.

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Smart Resources

The SmartPrep books provided by BetterThink have QR codes giving access to detailed explanations, resources, and tests for a complete practice. These books come alive with a rich learning experience. Students scan their writing responses through this app and upload them, which are then checked by an expert using rubrics. These sheets are stored on the cloud for students to access anytime, anywhere throughout their preparation.

Accurate Scoring with Rubrics

Scoring of writing and speaking is highly subjective, and since BetterThink uses rubrics, the subjectivity is controlled, and the answers are scored as in the actual exam. The analytics engine continuously monitors the performance and assigns customized corrective tests for daily improvements. Since teachers are already armed with a report on students' weaknesses before their next session, it helps them focus on their improvement areas.

This preparation process is helping thousands of students achieve their desired scores and surpass their expectations. BetterThink has unshackled itself from traditional methods prevalent in IELTS and PTE coaching sector through innovative techniques and technology infusion with pathbreaking results.

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