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Writing Strategy Classes

Task I - Letter (Formal, Semi Formal, Informal)

Opinion Essay, Discussion Essay, Direct Question Essay(Task-2)

Advantages and Disadvantages Essay, Problem and Solution Essay(Task-2)

Bar Charts, Line Graphs, Pie Charts(Task-1)

Tables, Maps, Process Diagrams(Task-1)

Listening Strategy Classes

Flow Charts, Tables, Sentence Completion

Note Completion, Map/Plan/Diagram, Matching Information Questions

Short Answers, MCQs, Summary Completion

Reading Strategy Classes

MCQs, True/False/Not Given, Matching Headings

Matching Sentence Ending, Table Completion, Short Answer Questions

Sentence Completion, Flow Chart Completion, Matching Information, Summary Completion

Speaking Strategy Classes

Cue Card Sessions

Interview Questions

Discussion Classes

Essay Topics

Module Discussions

Mock Tests

Saturday Mock Test

Mock Interviews

Frequently Asked Questions

We maintain a small class size with only 9-10 students. This ensures that every student receives personalized attention and learning value.
No issues at all! Joining our online classes is hassle-free. The sessions open through the BetterThink App. All you need to do is to refresh the App before the class starts.
Every day, you'll receive 4-5 practice tests, in addition to module preparation.
Absolutely! We offer a daily 1-hour strategy and discussion class. We ensure your questions are answered.
Our teachers have varying levels of experience. Many have 10-15 years of expertise. At the same time, we value young teachers who bring fresh perspectives. So, you'll find a judicious mix of seasoned teachers and young enthusiasts. Each teacher undergoes a rigorous selection and induction process. Some have even taken mentoring roles within the company. You're learning from a diverse group of dedicated educators with a range of experience.
Absolutely! The small class sizes of only 9-10 students per batch ensures that our teachers can provide dedicated attention to each student without an overwhelming workload. So, if you have a question during a live class, our BT teachers are there to address it promptly. Your learning experience is our top priority.
Demo classes typically cover only the orientation part. We do one better. We provide a 3-Day Money-back Guarantee. This allows you to experience the full course and if, within these three days, you're not satisfied, you have the option to get a refund. We believe in providing you with a more comprehensive understanding of our course.
Yes, you have the flexibility to shift to another batch, if needed. Call us at the BetterThink helpline number, and we'll assist you with the process. Your convenience and progress matter to us.

Latest Results

  • Yashmilan Kaur

    Yashmilan Kaur

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Arkita


    Overall Score: 8

  • Rhythm Jain

    Rhythm Jain

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Satkar Singh

    Satkar Singh

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Probijeet Singh

    Probijeet Singh

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Hardeep Singh

    Hardeep Singh

    Overall Score: 8

  • Harmanpreet Kaur

    Harmanpreet Kaur

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Sahroz Alam

    Sahroz Alam

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Gundeep Kaur

    Gundeep Kaur

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Dushyant Pathania

    Dushyant Pathania

    Overall Score: 8

  • Naaz Malik

    Naaz Malik

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Amrinder Singh

    Amrinder Singh

    Overall Score: 8

  • Darshbir Singh

    Darshbir Singh

    Overall Score: 8

  • Tudhvir Singh

    Tudhvir Singh

    Overall Score: 8

  • Samarveer Singh

    Samarveer Singh

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Alamdeep Singh

    Alamdeep Singh

    Overall Score: 8

  • Navneet Kaur

    Navneet Kaur

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Simarjot Kaur

    Simarjot Kaur

    Overall Score: 8.0

  • Harneet Singh

    Harneet Singh

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Puneet Kaur

    Puneet Kaur

    Overall Score: 8.0

  • Kiranjit Aujla

    Kiranjit Aujla

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Harsimran Kaur

    Harsimran Kaur

    Overall Score: 8.0

  • Aashish Kumar

    Aashish Kumar

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Amandeep Kaur

    Amandeep Kaur

    Overall Score: 8.0

  • Taranpreet Singh

    Taranpreet Singh

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Punreet Kaur

    Punreet Kaur

    Overall Score: 8.0

  • Nikhat Zoheb

    Nikhat Zoheb

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Harkaranpreet Singh

    Harkaranpreet Singh

    Overall Score: 8.0

  • Tanveer


    Overall Score: 7.0

  • Sehajveer Kaur

    Sehajveer Kaur

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Yukta Dhir

    Yukta Dhir

    Overall Score: 7.0

  • Kamaldeep Kaur

    Kamaldeep Kaur

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Aayush Tyagi

    Aayush Tyagi

    Overall Score: 7.0

  • Chitcharan Singh

    Chitcharan Singh

    Overall Score: 8.0

  • Rattan Singh

    Rattan Singh

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Simranjit Hundal

    Simranjit Hundal

    Overall Score: 7.0

  • Gursimran Kaur

    Gursimran Kaur

    Overall Score: 7.5

  • Kiranjeet Kaur

    Kiranjeet Kaur

    Overall Score: 8.0

  • Manpreet Singh

    Manpreet Singh

    Overall Score: 7.5