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BetterThink Methodology!

BetterThink is synonymous with student results. If students start seeing quick improvements from week-1 itself, there is a comprehensive methodology behind it, working 24x7 for their results

Here is how it works!

Experience the magic of this Methodology

Success Speaks

  • Gagandeep

    "Apart from daily classes, more focus was given to my weaker sections. Also, the BT app and SmartPrep Books helped me a lot to practice all the sections at home"

  • Diksha

    "The corrective tests were most helpful to improve one's weak areas. I am totally satisfied with my results and got my desired score"

  • Gautam

    "I was very conscious to utter a word in English earlier, but now I can speak fluently. All thanks to the BetterThink teachers"

  • Harkirat

    "The study material was quite similar to the original test questions. Moreover, the classroom sessions and the class environment were engaging and motivating"

  • Puneet

    "The strategies taught helped immensely during the exam and saved a lot of time. BetterThink's app is a great tool that made it possible for me to know my weaknesses and strengths"

  • Ramandeep

    "My PTE score improved because of the BT App and SmartPrep Books provided by BetterThink. I will recommend BetterThink for PTE coaching to all my friends"

  • Akshit

    "The test software was great and was almost a replica of the actual exam. The AI evaluated mock tests prepared us for the best results"

Success Tools

Succeed Easily, The Fun Way!

Test Generator

Create your test the way you want! Make it short, make it long, make it tough, make it easy. Keep time pressure, keep it relaxed. punish guessing, encourage guessing. Beat self, beat the world.

The BetterThink App

No other app like this! ‘On the go’ corrective tests. Daily practice through morning exercise. All writing sheets stored for ready reference. Easy access to all your test reports.

Challenge Zone

Your test, your time! Challenge your friends, challenge the world. Fight it out in the test, bask in glory or be humbled to improve. Anyway, you succeed & it is fun.

SmartPrep Books by BetterThink

Scan & learn! Audio/video of the listening questions , deep explanations and solutions to the questions. QR codes on the books for solutions and other resources.

Innovative Writing Sheet Assessment

Your writing response is scanned and uploaded! An expert checks it online using rubrics. Teacher comments are annotated on the sheet. Checked sheet and score card are displayed on the app. Your sheets are never lost/misplaced and are always handy for quick revision.

Accurate Scoring with Rubrics

Scoring of writing & speaking is generally subjective! Your answers at BetterThink are scored using rubrics. Your answer is scored as in the actual exam. You get a score that matches your actual result. The system is able to pinpoint your improvement areas. Corrective teaching & practice on your improvement areas help you succeed.

BT English Proficiency Certificate

Showcase your skills! Our expert algorithms are analyzing your performance. They record how your skills are shaping. You get a certificate to show your skills to the world.

Corrective Testing

No more weak areas! You leave a trail of weak areas behind you. Our system picks them up & makes you revisit them. With each corrective test, you move towards perfection.

Smart Lectures

High-quality lecture slides beamed from the head office! Your lectures guide you to the relevant section of your book for additional practice. Your teachers use individualized reports to help you on your weak areas.

Certified Teachers

Only the best experts in English are selected through a rigorous test! They undergo training on BetterThink Methodology. The best among them are certified. You can feel the difference when they teach. You feel confident that you are in the best hands.

Study Abroad

Your all-in-one solution is here! BetterThink is your go-to for all study abroad needs. From test preparation to securing your study visa from your dream country, we've got you covered. Meet our team of seasoned Study Abroad experts, ensuring the highest visa success rate. Let's make your international education dream a reality!

Personalised Guidance

Receive personalised, one-on-one expertise at every stage of your journey, dedicated to making your dreams a reality. Let's create your path to success, step by step!