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How we are different

Ever since its inception BetterThink™, the leader in IELTS, PTE, CELPIP and English training, has pioneered the use of technology to impart English language skills so that the students could not only excel in the language based tests but also improve their communication skills and build a robust personality. The state-of-art technology at BetterThink™ has revolutionised English language learning and acquisition.
Remedial Tests
BetterThink™ has innovated several products like 'Remedial Tests', which provide customized inputs based on a learner’s needs. Our unique study material and teaching methodology are in line with the international standards that help a learner become a confident user of English.

Best Results are produced with the help of the Best Team!

Our dedicated research team continuously strives to stay abreast of the latest developments in teaching and testing of English language skills to provide our students with unique course material and best learning tools in IELTS, PTE, CELPIP and TOEFL coaching to help them achieve the desired results.

Success Tools

Succeed Easily, The Fun Way!

Test Generator

Create your test the way you want!

Make it short, make it long, make it tough, make it easy.

Keep time pressure, keep it relaxed, punish guessing, encourage guessing.

Beat self, beat the world.

The BetterThink App

No other app like this!

‘On the go’ remedial tests.

Daily practice through morning exercise.

All writing sheets stored for ready reference.

Easy access to all your test reports.

Your learning is incomplete without it

Challenge Zone

Your test, your time!

Challenge your friends, challenge the world.

Fight it out in the test, bask in glory or be humbled to improve.

Anyway, you succeed & it is fun.

Speaking Books

Scan & learn!

Audio/video of the listening questions, deep explanations and solutions to the questions.

QR codes on the books for solutions, and other resources.

Your book comes alive, with a rich learning experience.

Innovative Writing Sheet

Your writing response is scanned and uploaded!

An expert checks it online using rubrics.

Teacher comments are annotated on the sheet.

Checked sheet and score card are displayed on the app.

Your sheets are never lost/misplaced and are always handy for quick revision.

Accurate Scoring with Rubrics

Scoring of writing & speaking is highly subjective!

Your answers at BetterThink are scored using rubrics.

Your answer is scored as in the actual exam.

You get a score that matches your actual result.

The system is able to pinpoint your improvement areas.

TCY - Proficiency Index

Showcase your skills!

Our expert algorithms are analyzing your performance.

They record how your skills are shaping.

You get a certificate to show your skills to the world.

Remedial Testing

No more weak areas!

You leave a trail of weak areas behind you.

Our system picks them up & makes you revisit them.

With each remedial test, you move towards perfection.

Smart Lectures

Teachers’ are prepared with high quality lecture slides beamed from the head office!

You always get the most updated content.

Your lectures guide you to the relevant section of your book for additional practice

Your teachers use individualized reports to help you succeed in your exam.

Certified Teachers

Only the best experts in English, selected through a rigorous test!

They undergo training on BetterThink Methodology.

The best among them are certified.

You feel the difference when they teach you.

You feel sure & confident because you were taught by the BetterThink certified teachers

Knowledge Partners

British Council

Success Speaks

  • It was a wonderful experience to study at one of BetterThink centres. Getting 7 bands effortlessly is a great example of excellent teaching. I am really thankful to all the team members at who helped me achieve my desired band score and helped me improve my fluency in English language.

  • It was a wonderful experience at BetterThink, getting 7 bands effortlessly is a great example of excellent teaching. I am really thankful to all team members who helped me achieve my desired band score and helped improve my fluency in English.

  • l have improved my IELTS Speaking through regular interviews. The proper schedule of all the modules that is followed, ensures that each module is given proper attention and covered properly before the student takes a mock test.

  • I was not at all confident before I joined BetterThink. I was struggling to be better at English. After I joined this institute for Grammar and Spoken English classes, I have gained the confidence that I needed. Now I have a completely different perspective from what I had when I joined BetterThink.

  • My relatives recommended me BetterThink for my IELTS preparation. Today, I feel that their suggestion was right. Along with classroom training, the online material is really great which allows me to practice at home as well.

  • Subhan Allah! Where should I begin? The content was great and the interaction between the facilitators and students was really amazing. Their method of teaching has helped me such a good score. The support was great and prompt throughout the course and beyond. Coming from an engineering background, I was totally unknown to IELTS. From being a novice to achieving 7.5 bands, it had been a really great journey. All thanks to BetterThink.

  • I would like to express my appreciation to BetterThink for the help they have provided me to achieve my target band score. Staff members are very co-operative and the study material is quite helpful. Overall, my experience was wonderful with BetterThink. I wish great success to BetterThink for the wonderful work they do to help students like me.

  • Joining BetterThink really helped me a lot. The teachers are very nice and enthusiastic, and answered all our questions. They have the best course material & excellent trainers.

  • BetterThink helped me achieve my target band score. The staff is very co-operative and experienced. The material provided is comprehensive. It was a wonderful experience. Keep up the good work and help other aspirants like me to realize their dreams.