IELTS Classroom Coaching

Ever since 1999, the proven teaching methodology of BetterThink ™ has helped
IELTS aspirants achieve their desired score.
How we prepare students:

IELTS Computer Delivered (General) Mock - 1.1

82 Ques | 152 Mins

IELTS aspirant

Every IELTS aspirant has different requirements

English Language skills and aptitudes of students vary. Some have advanced skills, while others may have intermediate or less-than-basic skills. So, our programmes are designed to best suit students' abilities and requirements. Also, our Analytics show their strengths and weaknesses.

A Unique Individualised Classroom Programme

We understand that every learner is unique. And our classroom course is personalised to meet every student's requirement. Based on a student's individual performance in daily tests, improvement sessions are provided to help him improve in his weak areas.

Unique Individualised Classroom
How do we achieve this?

We achieve this through our unique Teaching Methodology

Why Lectures & Practice Tests?
Lectures & Practice

Because measured effort in the right direction is more important than effort without any direction.

BetterThink has developed the training programme in accordance with the international standards. Practice in the right direction ensures that learning is etched in a student's mind and heart. Our carefully-prepared test material simulates the actual IELTS pattern.