PTE Classroom Coaching

The comprehensive program offered by BetterThink™ focusses on preparation, practice and
online testing that equips the aspirants with all the strategies
to help them achieve best results.

Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks - 2

5 Ques | 15 Mins

PTE aspirant

Every PTE aspirant has different requirements

English Language skills and aptitudes of students vary. We at BetterThink realize this, and design our programmes accordingly to best suit students' abilities and requirements. The classroom programme is designed to equip every student with strategies for every question type followed by practice and testing.

A Unique Individualised Classroom Programme

Customized analytics, generated for every student specifies his strengths and weaknesses. The analysis of weak areas is supplemented with expert recommendations aimed to build strength in these areas.

Unique Individualised Classroom
How do we achieve this?

We achieve this through our unique Teaching Methodology