No Worries Now in Objective Evaluation of Speaking & Writing Tasks (IELTS, PTE & TOEFL)

No Worries Now in Objective Evaluation of Speaking & Writing Tasks (IELTS, PTE & TOEFL)

By Admin / Feb 28, 2019

No two teachers give an identical score to a writing task. Isn’t that often a big issue that you face? Luckily, you are not alone. There are many sailing in the same boat. Except a few who have worked the secret. The secret of BetterThink rubric-based evaluation.

How do BetterThink rubrics work?
Simple! They provide a coherent set of evaluation criteria and a measurable description of the performance expected against each. And they almost exactly match the official standards.

What do they achieve?
       The one thing that makes rubrics a perfect tool for evaluating Writing & Speaking tasks in Tests like IELTS, PTE & TOEFL is that they don’t "judge". They simply match the performance to the description. For a BetterThink student, rubrics demystify scores by clearly stating the expectations from the task. Rubrics also contribute to remedial action in a classroom. When rubrics are used to evaluate performance, they also convey feedback. BetterThink’s Remedial Methodology and Reporting uses rubrics to pinpoint areas of improvement otherwise not possible in conventional evaluation. All this together works the magic for the student to clear the test in the very first attempt.

How rubrics help BetterThink Centres outshine competitors:

  • They take teaching in BetterThink classrooms to the next level: Teachers focus on the criteria by which learning will be assessed and hence are able to produce better results in IELTS , PTE and TOEFL  speaking and writing tasks, than their counterparts elsewhere are able to. The entire focus is on what the student needs to learn, not on what the teachers intend to teach.
  • They help integrate Instruction, Assessment and Remedial Action: The set of rubrics is shared with students through assessment reports. This leads to remedial action on part of the student, using the same rubrics. This also triggers the BetterThink Assessment Engine to assign specific auto generated remedial tests and helps students practice on the desired learning outcomes. BetterThink books too contain exercises aligned to the rubrics. This integration helps the BetterThink methodology bring in student results.
  • They bring transparency for the student: A student in a BetterThink powered centre is never ever under any false impression. The rubrics tell him clearly.

                   -  where exactly he stand on each criterion of importance.

                   -  what his next steps should be to enhance his performance.

But as they say the proof of pudding is in the eating. So, come visit any BetterThink Powered Centre.
Check with the centre owners.
Check with the teachers.
Check with the students.
They all love this fruit of a decade and half of intensive research. It has made their life easy and fruitful too.

Won’t you like to share the fruit too?

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