Adapt, Immerse, and Democratize: A Future of Language Learning Envisioned at BetterThink

Adapt, Immerse, and Democratize: A Future of Language Learning Envisioned at BetterThink

By Admin / Jan 15, 2024


BetterThink, a pioneer in language learning since 1999, has already transformed over a lakh and a half lives through its classroom model in Punjab and around. These students, often starting without English knowledge, have achieved impressive proficiency, reaching CEFR B1 & B2 levels. This success has opened doors for them to clear exams like IELTS and PTE, enabling their dreams of studying or settling abroad. The key to this success? BetterThink's innovative hybrid teaching makes language learning super easy for students.

With the advent of Generative AI and other recent developments in AI technologies, BetterThink researchers, always one step ahead, envision a future where AI can create new benchmarks in ease and effectiveness of language teaching and learning.

This vision is built on three transformative concepts: Adapt, Immerse, and Democratize.


Adaptive: Personalized AI TutorS

Tailor-Made Curriculum: AI tutors assess individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles to create a dynamic curriculum. This personalized approach, already in practice at BetterThink, is elevated to new heights with AI, offering unprecedented levels of customization that help a student, even at a lower level of language proficiency, advance to higher levels in a short period of time.

• Contextual Feedback: AI tutors will provide detailed feedback on writing and speaking, understanding the learner's intended meaning and suggesting improvements. They will also analyze facial and body postures to offer insights into conversational efficiency. This will remove a lot of burden from the shoulders of teachers and enable pinpointed actionable feedback for the student for quick results.


Immersive: Engaging and Realistic Practice

• Virtual Reality Experiences: AI will transport learners to virtual foreign environments for realistic practice, enhancing listening and speaking skills and preparing them for real-life situations abroad. This removes hesitations and brings out the best in a student where he initially uses a mix of languages and actions to convey his ideas. Out of this struggle emerges the ability to handle everyday English speaking situations more effectively.

• AI for Conversation Practice: Virtual characters will enable learners to engage in conversations on various topics, helping overcome initial hesitations in speaking English. The adaptive nature of these conversations with natural feedback loop gradually builds vocabulary and ability to speak fluently.

• Advanced Voice Recognition: This technology will offer real-time feedback on pronunciation, including analysis of facial features for accurate speech production.


Democratization: Accessible to All

• Universal Access: AI-powered tools will make language learning accessible to everyone, breaking down geographical and economic barriers. This democratization represents a step towards a more connected and inclusive world.

The integration of AI into language learning as envisioned by BetterThink is more than a technological upgrade; it's a paradigm shift. This future will make language learning more engaging, easy, efficient, and inclusive, significantly reducing language barriers globally. Rooted in BetterThink's legacy of innovation and accessibility, this vision promises a future where anyone, anywhere, no matter what his current exposure to English is can learn it in an easy way and unlock global communication and understanding.

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