SmartPrep Books and The Difference They Make

SmartPrep Books and The Difference They Make

By Admin / May 24, 2022

Time is witness to the contribution of books in learning throughout centuries. Books play a quintessential role in every student's life by improving their reading, writing, and speaking skills as well as boosting memory and intelligence. BetterThink has taken the definition of books a step forward and has blended the modern tech-savvy needs of generation X in SmartPrep Books.  

The SmartPrep Books at BetterThink have QR codes at the beginning & end of each exercise; when scanned by the BetterThink mobile app give access to a detailed explanation of correct answers, audio listening, and companion tests for practice.

Conventionally, audio-equipped books came with CDs, for which one had to arrange compatible instruments to perform the task; such a cumbersome activity led to its obsolescence. On the other hand, these books have provided an integrated learning platform wherein the authenticity of conventional books remains intact while incorporating ease of usage and smart learning.

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These user-friendly and handy SmartPrep books allow the students to extend their learning beyond the four walls of the classroom and promote self-practice. Also, the elaborated index of the book shows item-wise practice tests, which comforts the users and ends their search for similar tests on other platforms.

In classroom learning, the lecture slides are linked with the SmartPrep books and direct students to the relevant pages for related practices. This assists the teachers in setting clear objectives for classroom learning, and after-class extended practice through books.

At BetterThink, SmartPrep books come alive with a rich learning experience backed by the nuance of convenient solutions provided with each exercise, reducing the overall volume & cost.

A voluminous book will weigh down with bulkiness, high cost, and restricted portability, while these books are formulated to bestow ease with no limitations. Moreover, it allows students to practice anytime, anywhere, adding more satisfaction.

These speaking books guide students through various in-depth resources and tests for all modules, resulting in maximum book utilization throughout their learning cycle with utmost efficiency.

Tight integration between classroom lectures, related practices in books, assessment tests, and corrective tests leads to better results. It helps keep tabs on student performance, proving the system and making BetterThink the first choice of students for IELTS and PTE preparation.

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