TELT Classroom Coaching

TCY English Language Test (TELT) is a language proficiency Certification Program
with the capability to enhance your career prospects and add value to your resume
when you apply for your next job. It enables you to project your
English Language skills to your prospective employer.


What is TELT?

TCY English Language Test (TELT) is a program that opens the world of opportunities for you in the Indian market. It is a one-stop solution for job seekers, businessmen, sales persons, teachers, nurses, housewives, professionals and students to improve their English in everyday life as well as enhance their chances of being successful in the professional sphere.


TELT is a unique and first-of-its-kind test that focuses on your English Language skills. If you really want a bright career, TELT is the only relevant test for you.


TELT will help you to:

• Gain confidence to communicate in English Language.
• Use the language in real life with ease.
• Grow professionally.

So why lose the opportunity to learn from the experts?