Less Time, Better Results: BetterThink's New Age Methodology Makes It Possible

Less Time, Better Results: BetterThink's New Age Methodology Makes It Possible

By Admin / May 17, 2022

Success in any IELTS/PTE exam not only depends on a student's hard work but also on a scientific and systematic preparation approach. But in the name of hard work, most coaching institutes make students spend extended hours in long and unorganized lectures, and some institutes even boast about their lengthy classroom schedule. But is this the correct way? Do students truly benefit from spending the entire day in the classrooms?

Most of the time spent by students goes on unproductive pursuits while the actual learning time is very little. The valuable time of students is chipping away, which could be utilized in strengthening their vocab, grammar, and other language enabling skills. Still, mindless practice at institutes is taking this opportunity away from students. Such inefficient teaching systems don't produce good results, and students repeatedly find themselves stuck in the loop of booking exams repeatedly. 

Language learning is a scientific process with various stages, and BetterThink's methodology with a backbone of personalized learning follows all these stages in training for Language Exams. Personalized practice in the right direction ensures that learning is etched in students minds and hearts. By following this process, students achieve their desired proficiency level with minimum effort and time. 

Students need a system that identifies their weak areas and provides corrective measures for improvement. BetterThink's programs are designed to bridge the gap between students' current and desired preparation levels. Definite learning objectives are met through a system of constant assessment & reporting.

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This customized learning plan is far more efficient, and by catering to the unique learning needs of an individual student, BetterThink has unshackled itself from the traditions of coaching institutes. The reports generated reach students on BetterThink's AI-powered mobile app, hence making language learning a part of their daily routine. 

Armed with a detailed report on student improvement areas, certified teachers at BetterThink focus on the critical areas to be worked upon, which also caters to an individual's need for attention and corrective inputs for practical improvements. By implementing all these in their Teaching Methodology, BetterThink has reduced the coaching hours, increased the efficiency of student learning, and has ultimately helped them achieve their desired scores with minimum effort and in minimum time.

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