Full Day Prep Style-A Thing Of The Past Now

Full Day Prep Style-A Thing Of The Past Now

By Admin / May 16, 2022

Technology plays a crucial role in learning nowadays. Bygone are the days of long 6-8 hours of coaching. Lockdowns paved a permanent way for online platforms, and the coaching industry belongs to those who prepare for the worst and perform at their best. Many perished while BetterThink prevailed.

In a competitive market, many coaching centers promise to deliver results but do not have a robust deliverance system. Keeping students occupied from morning till evening in the name of practice will only lead to wastage of time, less productive hours, and low performance; the same is true for the teachers involved.  

BetterThink turned the tables around with a scientific yet comprehensive assessment and corrective system. The best possible integration of teaching and learning with technological assistance made a smooth shift from classroom to hybrid models. The effectiveness of education is 100% when limited hours of learning are maximized with high productivity.

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BetterThink’s scientific methodology is aided by lectures that have well-defined learning objectives & relevant book practices. SmartPrep Books that speak through QR Codes with a detailed explanation, AI scored tests for accuracy and faster results, Corrective tests for quick improvements on knowledge gaps, and Certified Teachers armed by progress reports.

The right way to excel is to have effective learning time with relevant practices on weak areas equipped with smart courseware. Time utilization of students is a crucial aspect that BetterThink has well thought for; flexible learning with BT mobile App, SmartPrep Books & BT website allows a student to learn beyond the classroom walls and utilize small pockets of free time throughout the day. Focused learning with diagnostic tests and reports helps students improve their weak areas as these tests are customized on their performance records.

At BetterThink, mundane tasks are taken care of by the algorithms, enabling teachers to invest more in the core activity of teaching, whether online or offline. It has been a game-changer for those working or who have a shortage of time.

Preparing for IELTS was never so convenient and result-oriented, and no one needs to leave their Job or Studies for exam preparation. Due to time flexibility and efficient online learning platforms, even homemakers can now learn with ease. BetterThink Live - online classes, is one platform acing with speed for student benefit. A modular approach to lesson planning has proven to have higher results even though the time is less or limited. The scientific methodology indeed helps turn learning into a more personalized experience.

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