Corrective Tests:- The Backbone of BetterThink Methodology

Corrective Tests:- The Backbone of BetterThink Methodology

By Admin / May 05, 2022

Success in any exam not only depends on a student's hard work but also on a scientific and systematic preparation technique; getting it right the first time is of utmost importance. BetterThink's training program with a backbone of personalized learning follows international standards in training for Language Exams. Personalized practice in the right direction ensures that learning is etched in students' minds and hearts.

Amongst all states across India, the maximum number of students who appear for IELTS/PTE exams are from Punjab. They hold a distinct thirst for the English language and undergo various courses to enhance their capabilities. Unfortunately, many of them face failure due to over-confidence, lack of practice, pronunciation errors, slang, and a casual approach to the examination.

English learning takes time; one needs to polish their skills and then book the exam slot. BetterThink's programs are designed to bridge the gap between students' current and desired preparation levels. Definite learning objectives are met through a system of constant assessment & reporting.

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Armed with a report on student improvement areas, certified teachers focus on the critical areas to be worked upon, which also caters to an individual's need for attention and corrective inputs for effective improvements. This corrective intervention works parallel to daily tests and classroom learning, and such a robust integrated system mechanically leads to better results.

BetterThink stands tall with its unique methodology and a top-drawer to help students achieve their goals by offering the best amalgamation of lectures, practice tests, detailed analysis, and corrective tests, hence, improved performance.

Taking a cue from the unparallel success of this methodology in the classroom program, BetterThink has inculcated the same in its online learning programs as well, and no surprise, students are reaping great results. Students wishing for long-term success should skip the shortcuts and look no further than BetterThink. 

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